Favicon & Open Graph
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Favicon Icon

You can upload your custom favicon under the logo settings.

A favicon, the small icon displayed in the browser tab next to your webpage title, plays a significant role in both SEO and branding. For SEO, it contributes to a better user experience by helping users easily identify and navigate to your site when multiple tabs are open. This improved user experience can indirectly influence your site's SEO ranking. For branding, a favicon serves as a visual cue that represents your brand across the web, enhancing brand recognition and consistency.

Video how to upload your custom favicon:

Upload Open Graph Image

Open Graph is the image that works as a preview of your website each time you share it on social media like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. It is important for you SEO. You can use JPG or animated GIF.

  • Increase your conversions and click-through rates.

  • Help your content stand out on the timeline and boost engagement.

  • Communicate to your audience what your content is about.

  • Exhibit your brand’s personality.

  • Make your content look professional and reputable.

Video how to upload your Open Graph Image:

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