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Good website navigation is like a secret passageway to an amazing user experience. Vsble, with their ninja-like experience, has crafted a navigation structure so precise, it could win a game of Operation blindfolded. They know clients are busy bees, so it's vital to offer a navigation system that's clear and intuitive, making it as easy as pie for clients to dive into your work. No maze, just amazed!

  • Website Header: Ensure your main pages, including "Editorial," "Commercial Work," and "Contact," are conveniently located within your website's header. This arrangement ensures these key pages are easily accessible.

  • Website Footer: In order to maintain a clean, user-friendly layout and minimize distractions from your portfolio, relegate legal pages such as "Imprint" and "Privacy" to the footer navigation of your website.

Page Types

You can create different type of pages. Also sort their order with drag and drop also across header and footer sections.

  • Video+photo pages

  • Contact page

  • Text page

  • Widget/HTML/Blog

  • Shop

  • External Link

Creating first pages & albums

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