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Templates with Video & Foto slideshow
Templates with Video & Foto slideshow
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If you select a design with a slideshow, a dedicated menu will become active. To access slideshow controls, just click on the "slideshow" settings tab.

The slideshow can display a single photo, multiple photos, or a video on the landing page. You can set how fast and in which order the slideshow will display numerous images. If embedding a video, it will play in an autoplay-loop mode without sound. Currently, only Vimeo is supported.

Photo Slideshow

  • Select photo tab

  • Upload one or multiple photos

  • Select speed of transition

  • Select display mode/scale to fit the viewport

You can choose the images to show in full height or fill out the entire screen.

Video Landing Page

  • Select video tab

  • Paste video link

  • Wait for the video preview

  • Click "Add Video"

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