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What is the PDF tool?
What is the PDF tool?
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Introducing our handy PDF maker tool right on your website! When enabled, you'll notice a convenient PDF icon appearing on each image corner. Now, your website visitors can effortlessly compile images from various albums into a selection and download them as a polished PDF file, eliminating the need for cumbersome screenshots.

But wait, there's more! You have the power to brand the downloaded PDF with your logo, copyright, and contact information, ensuring a professional touch. Whether it's creating a portfolio selection or providing sed cards for actors and models, this drag-and-drop interface guarantees a seamless experience. Say goodbye to scattered screenshots and hello to a sleek PDF presentation that showcases your images in style, complete with your branding. It's all about convenience and a touch of professionalism right at your fingertips.

PDF tool works on desktop and mobile, so selection can be created anywhere, downloaded or share via link.

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PDF Tool - on the go

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