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Customize PDF Tool
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Creating a strong brand image is essential, no matter if you're a model, photographer, model agency, architect, or illustrator. One crucial aspect of branding is ensuring that when clients download your PDF, it looks professional and includes your contact information. This way, clients can easily reach out to you. With the branded PDF tool, you can effortlessly add that touch of professionalism and convenience to your work. It's a simple yet effective way to make a lasting impression and ensure that your PDF stands out as a polished representation of your brand.

First, to access the PDF tool, click on the PDF icon on the top right corner of your dashboard:


Customize the PDF Tool

  1. Upload a cover page in JPG format. This can be a logo, contact information or a combination of both. The cover will be always the first page of the downloaded PDF.

  2. Add text that will appear on the footer of each page of the downloaded PDF (for example, your copyright note, e-mail, or website address

  3. Lastly activate the tool




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