Built-in Statistics
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While you can use Google Analytics or other tools, Vsble comes with build-int statistics powered by fully GDPR compliant provider: Matomo. You can access the statistics in Lite, Pro and PRO Max plans.

When it comes to GDPR and privacy regulations, Matomo statistics offer distinct advantages over Google Analytics. Matomo, unlike Google Analytics, allows you to have full control over your data. With Matomo, the data collected remains within your own infrastructure, ensuring complete ownership and privacy protection. In contrast, Google Analytics collects and stores data on external servers, raising concerns about data ownership and compliance.

Additionally, Matomo offers advanced privacy features, such as IP anonymization and customizable data retention periods, empowering you to align with GDPR requirements. By choosing Matomo, you can confidently track and analyze website data while maintaining control and compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

The anonymous data and information collected are 100% owned and controlled by the European Commission. This fact guarantees compliance with strict privacy regulations and laws. You even don't need to collect your visitors consent. The statistics provide the following information within a custom date range (that you can select) - for unique and total visits.

  • Visitors over time

  • Visitors by countries

  • Total page views

  • Average duration spend on website

  • Visits in real time

  • Most viewed page

  • Most viewed album

  • Most viewed image

  • Referrals (pages that link to your website)


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