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While you can connect any shop system that has embedding option, we recommend using Ecwid.

We work with one of the world's largest shop system called Ecwid. Ecwid is the most simple shop solution to sell physical products, downloads, masterclasses, and services not only on your website but across social media, marketplaces like Amazon, or even in-store.

Moreover, Ecwid has the most comprehensive interface, automatic invoicing with VAT calculation, and the best part: it also comes with a completely free plan!

To get started, sign up for an Ecwid account (you can start with the Free plan). Set up your store there and then add the Ecwid store integration code to a page on your Vsble website. As a result, your Ecwid store catalog will appear on your site and buyers will be able to add products to the shopping cart and checkout there.

To add Ecwid store to a Vsble site, follow the instruction below that consists of two parts β€” adding HTML code to Vsble website footer and adding the script code to the according Store page you create.

* You can add a code to Vsble if you are on Vsble PRO MAX plan.

Basically the procedure is very simple: you only need to paste 2 codes on Vsble

  1. The second code from the Ecwid store goes into the code window of the Vsble Ecwid integration area

  2. The first code from the Ecwid store goes into the Vsble page code window where you want your store to appear

1. Adding code to the Vsble Integrations Section

A. From your Ecwid admin, click on website, then on add store to your website. Scroll down to the Squarespace integration section and select it.

Click the second Copy Code to Clipboard button to get a script code that you will need to add to your site footer:

B. Now in your Vsble admin, click on your account icon, then on integrations. Select Ecwid integration and paste the code in the website footer code area. Click save.

2. Adding adding code to the Vsble shop page.

A. Now copy the first code from Ecwid admin:

B. Return to Vsble dashbord and add a new page. Select Ecwid (Integrations). Paste the code in the copied code area of the Page. Done! Your Shop is live.


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