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Weglot - Your website in up to 100 languages
Weglot - Your website in up to 100 languages
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Weglot integrates seamlessly with your website, adapting to your technology, and delivering it in any language. Your multilingual website is up and running in minutes. It comes with a FREE plan.

Accelerate your translation process in 100+ languages with automatic translation and powerful translation management tools. Collaborate with your team or with professional translators.

Your translated pages are automatically indexed on Google following best practices in multilingual SEO. Say Hallo / Bonjour / 你好 to your new customers.

Watch video below on how to integrate Weglot with your Vsble Website:

Vsble is a single page application, here is how to use Weglot with Vsble.

Weglot simply has to simulate a page refreshment to display the translations

In order to do that, you can copy-paste the code "body" into the Dynamic Element field into your Weglot Dashboard > Project Settings (Dynamic) so that Weglot can refresh the content


Once it's done, click on "Save changes", then Hard-Refresh* your website's page and check back in an incognito window, your content should be translated


Mac: cmd shift R (lowercase)

PC: ctrl F5

For more information you will find the Weglot support portal here:

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