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Custom Cookie Banner & GDPR Solution.
Custom Cookie Banner & GDPR Solution.

The versatile alternatives to the built in Vsble cookie banner

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In the ever-evolving landscape of online privacy regulations, ensuring compliance can be a daunting task for website owners. Fortunately, vsble Website Builder has taken steps to simplify this process by including a built-in Cookie Consent banner and a default cookie policy page. This means that your website is GDPR compliant by default, helping you establish a strong foundation for privacy compliance.

The built-in Cookie Consent banner provided by vsble Website Builder offers a seamless way to inform your website visitors about the use of cookies and obtain their consent. It allows you to communicate your commitment to privacy and data protection while giving users control over their cookie preferences.

The default cookie policy page lists the cookies used by your website, providing transparency to your visitors about the types of cookies employed and their purposes. This default policy ensures that your website meets the essential requirements of GDPR compliance.

However, should you wish to customize the appearance of the cookie banner or integrate different extensions, you may want to consider using a custom cookie solution. Custom solutions offer flexibility in terms of design and functionality and often come with additional features. They can automatically update your cookie policy page with the cookies used by the extensions you install, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

Moreover, many custom cookie solutions offer advanced tracking capabilities. They monitor your website for new tools and technologies and automatically create and update not only your cookie policy page but also your privacy policy page in accordance with the latest regulations. This ensures that you stay compliant with changing privacy laws and maintain transparency with your users.

To install a custom cookie consent solution and privacy policy, follow these steps:

  1. Disable the default cookie banner provided by vsble Website Builder. This will also remove the default cookie policy page.

  2. Install your preferred custom cookie solution by using the custom integrations feature provided by the solution. Follow the instructions provided by the respective tool, which typically involve adding specific cookie codes to the header and/or footer of your website.

Here is an example of a custom cookie solution:

To assist you in finding the most suitable cookie consent tool for your needs, we have compiled a list of popular solutions. Each tool offers unique features and benefits that cater to different requirements, allowing you to choose the one that aligns best with your website's goals and compliance objectives.

  1. Cookiebot: A comprehensive cookie consent management solution that provides scanning, consent banners, and granular control. Free plan available. Cookiebot

  2. Osano: A GDPR and CCPA compliant cookie consent management platform with features like scanning, consent banners, and preference center. Free plan available. Osano

  3. CookieYes: An easy-to-use cookie consent tool with customizable consent banners and automatic scanning. Free plan available. CookieYes

  4. CookieHub: A cookie consent solution that offers customizable consent banners and scanning capabilities. Free plan available. CookieHub

  5. Clym: A cookie consent management platform that provides consent banners, scanning, and preference management. Free plan available. Clym

  6. Quantcast Choice: A cookie consent tool that offers customizable consent banners, scanning, and reporting features. Free plan available. Quantcast Choice

  7. Cookie Consent by Insites: A lightweight cookie consent solution with a customizable consent banner and blocking of cookies before consent. Free plan available. Cookie Consent by Insites

  8. GDPR Cookie Consent: A simple cookie consent plugin for WordPress websites with customizable banners and cookie management features. Free plan available. GDPR Cookie Consent

  9. OneTrust: A comprehensive privacy management platform that includes cookie consent management. Offers a limited free plan. OneTrust

  10. CookieYes Cookie Consent: A cookie consent solution with customizable banners, scanning, and preference center. Free plan available. CookieYes Cookie Consent

Another popular solution that also automatically updates your cookie policy and privacy policy page according which tools you install and use is iubenda: a comprehensive privacy and cookie consent solution that provides customizable consent banners, preference management, and compliance solutions. However the smallest plan starts at 4.99€ per month.

Remember, maintaining compliance with privacy regulations is an ongoing process. Regularly review and update your cookie consent solution and policies to ensure they accurately reflect your website's data collection practices and adhere to the latest legal requirements. By doing so, you can provide a transparent and trustworthy experience for your visitors while safeguarding their privacy rights.

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