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Slideshow with widget pages.
Slideshow with widget pages.
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Leveraging custom integrations allows you to introduce a fully customizable slideshow to any template, even those lacking a default slideshow feature. Elfsight, a popular tool in this domain, offers the ability to seamlessly embed such slideshows.

Below you see Sevilla template with Slideshow added as landing page. But you can add he slider to any other page as well.

Importantly, Elfsight also offers a free plan, requiring nothing more than a complimentary Elfsight account and Vsble PRO MAX.

We also adjusted the code, so that the slideshow is centered, just replace the widget code ID marked bold with your widget id:


.elfsight-app-18e1e7d8-60cc-44d6-b250-320e81f87323 {

width: 100%;



<script src="" defer></script>

<div class="elfsight-app-18e1e7d8-60cc-44d6-b250-320e81f87323"></div>

Elfsight doesn't stop at slideshows; it provides a myriad of other beneficial widgets such as Instagram feeds, before/after sliders, and review widgets. In fact, they offer over 80 distinct widgets tailored to various business needs. The cherry on top is its extreme affordability, making it an excellent choice for diverse website enhancement needs.

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