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You can include videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or other sources that support embedding. When embedding a video, you have the choice to automatically use the preview from the source or upload a custom video placeholder in either JPG or animated GIF format. This option helps create a more consistent appearance for your website.

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Q: Why can I only embed videos instead of uploading them directly to the website?

A: We've made the choice to allow only video embedding on our platform to ensure copyright compliance, maximize performance, and reduce resource usage. By utilizing platforms like YouTube or Vimeo for video hosting, we're able to provide an effective, secure, and hassle-free video streaming experience for your website.

Q: How does embedding videos ensure copyright compliance?

A: When you upload a video directly, you assume full responsibility for any copyright materials included in the video. On the other hand, when you embed a video from platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, they handle the copyright aspects. These platforms have systems in place to check for copyright infringement, ensuring that your video complies with all legal requirements.

Q: Will embedding videos from platforms like YouTube or Vimeo affect the performance of my website?

A: On the contrary, embedding videos can actually enhance your website's performance. Uploading videos directly to your website consumes significant bandwidth and storage, potentially slowing down your site. By embedding videos, you're simply linking to the video hosted on another platform, which saves you from using up your website's resources and ensures smooth streaming for your visitors.

Q: Isn't embedding just a way to limit my control over my own content?

A: Not at all. Embedding videos does not mean you're surrendering control over your content. You still retain full control over your videos on the platforms you choose to host them. What's more, many of these platforms offer various tools and settings to customize how your video is presented, allowing you to maintain control over your video's appearance and functionality on your site.

Q: How can I be sure embedding is safe?

A: Safety is paramount in our platform's design. Platforms like YouTube and Vimeo are well-established, reputable sites with stringent security measures. By using these platforms to host your videos, you're benefiting from their security infrastructure, reducing the risk of your content being compromised. Moreover, because the videos aren't hosted directly on your site, the risk of potential harm to your website is minimized even if the third-party video is compromised.


In summary, embedding videos is a convenient, efficient, and secure method for adding dynamic video content to your website. It ensures copyright compliance, enhances your website's performance, and protects your site's integrity while providing an optimal viewing experience for your visitors.

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