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Connecting Custom Domain
How to connect custom domain?
How to connect custom domain?
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Connect any domain to Vsble

You can connect any top-level domain to your Vsble account with the Vsble PRO plan. A top-level domain is one that can be used with the www. prefix ( Either you already have a domain, or you can buy one for a small fee from a domain provider like GoDaddy, Ionos, or Namecheap (there are many out there - see the list of recommended providers).

The principle is same with all providers: all you have to do is to find the according DNS area of your provider and add the two A-Records for your domain and any sub-domain that you also want to point to your Vsble website. Both A-Record must point to the Vsble IP.

Make sure to remove any other/old A-Records for the root domain and any subdomain with a different IP, as it will will block the domain connection. Some domain providers have also AAAA (Ipv6) records and CNAMES pointing by default to their standard IPs, make user to remove them as well.

Always make a screenshot of all your DNS records in case you need to revert anything. Do not change nameservers or MX (Email) records, these can stay as they are.

List of support articles for most popular providers

Here is a list of FAQ's of most popular domain providers on how access DNS records and add the necessary A-records.

  1. The previous link contains information about editing A records as well. Managing DNS records

  2. Network Solutions: How to Add/Edit the A Record

  3. DreamHost: DNS overview

  4. Google Domains: Create an A record


Two steps to connect a custom domain to your Vsble website

Step 1

Add two A-Records in the DNS Settings of your domain control admin panel of your domain provider.

First record

Type: A

Host: @ ( some proviers may use " * " or ". " or other symbol for the root domain, check with ther FAQ)

Value/Vsble IP:

Second record

Record Type: A

Host: www

Value/Vsble IP:

Step 2

  1. Login back to your Vsble dashboard,

  2. Go to "Domain and Wesbite".

  3. Add the domain name in the website field without "www" and click "connect".

  4. Wait until the domain connects and SSL is issued.

It can take from 5 minutes to 72 hours, depending how fast your domain provider updates their DNS records. You will see the message and the status of the process in your Vsble dashboard right below the field where you entered the custom domain.



Videos for Namecheap, Ionos & GoDaddy

We habe made three videos for most popular domain providers, but the method is same for all domain providers.





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