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What if the domain does not connect or an error message appears?
What if the domain does not connect or an error message appears?
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Everything done right, still no connection?

If you set everything right but the domain is still not connecting, please follow the following guide to check if your DNS have been updated and propagated by your domain provider.

Go to or and type your domain name, you should see green checkmarks next to the IP of the domain. This IP should be the Vsble IP, if you connected the domain right.

Some reasons might be:

  • Outdated name servers from a previous website provider

  • Unpaid invoice

  • Domain expired

  • A maintenance of your domain provider

Verify DNS settings

Please verify your DNS settings if your domain isn't connecting properly. Ensure that your DNS settings contain only two A-Records, each pointing to the Visible IP address:

Record Type: A

  • Host: @

  • Value:

Record Type: A

  • Host: www

  • Value:

Guide on how to update DNS Records of the most popular domain providers:

Make sure to check the following:

  • Verify both A-records for the root domain (without "www") and the "www" subdomain. Both are necessary; having only one won't suffice.

  • Different providers may use different notations for the root A-record. Some use "@", others use "*", or might instruct you to leave the field blank. Please confirm the correct notation with your provider.

  • Ensure that you do not have any AAAA records for the domain, as they will override the A-Records, interfering with your connection to Visible.

  • Confirm that there are no additional A-records pointing to different IP addresses. This would disrupt the mapping process. Remember, a domain can only map to a single IP address, not multiple (much like a rope has only two ends).

  • Have you added your domain to your Visible Account in the custom domain field? Please note that connection may not occur immediately and can take up to 48 hours, depending on the speed at which your domain provider updates the DNS records.

  • If you have any other IP records for the @ (root domain) or www (subdomain), please remove them (ex. CNAME records).

If you continue to experience issues, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer assistance with domain connection issues for a nominal one-time fee.

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