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Open Graph - Your website on social media
Open Graph - Your website on social media
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If you want to share your site or want it to be shared on any social network or app that utilizes rich previews, you’ll want that preview to be as effective as possible. This protocol allows you to control the preview when your page is shared across social media.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram - your website link preview is like a digital visit card that everyone sees first, so it is essential to control its appearance.

Open Graph

With Vsble, you can customize how your website is previewed on social media when someone shares or posts your website address. Select your best image or change the preview and update it regularly with your most recent work so people can see your news at first glance. It can also be a collage of images, special offers, or anything else you want to prioritize.


Customize Your Open Graph Preview

By default your open graph image is empty. To edit your open graph website preview image, go to Goole & SEO settings in your Vsble account and click on "Upload image" beneath the website keywords section. Then click Save. Please also add a good description, website title and keywords to optimize your SEO.


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