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Calendly - smart calendar
Calendly - smart calendar
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Calendly is a free tool and allows you to schedule meetings and bookings directly from your website. You can quickly create a free account on Calendly website and add the calendar to your website.

Schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails

Calendly is your hub for scheduling meetings professionally and efficiently, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails so you can get back to work.

Meet the way you want

Open your schedule only to the days and times that work for you. When your invitee chooses a meeting slot, itโ€™s instantly confirmed. Meetings are scheduled without calendar conflicts, reminders go out automatically, and rescheduling is a breeze for everyone

Automate reminders and follow-ups

Calendly puts your entire meeting workflow on autopilot, sending everything from reminder emails to thank you notes, so you can focus on the work only you can do.

To add Calendly:

  1. Click on create new page


  1. Paste following code and replace the red portion between โ€œ โ€ with your Calendly calendar page URL. <iframe src="" width="100%" height="950" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

  2. Name your page (Ex. Booking) and save.

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