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Site Crashing on Mobile Devices
Site Crashing on Mobile Devices
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Slideshow images have become a popular feature on modern websites, as they provide an effective way to engage visitors and convey important information in a visually compelling way. However, these images can also cause problems for users who view the website on their smartphones.

One of the main issues with slideshow images is that they can take up a significant amount of RAM on mobile devices. This is because smartphones have limited memory compared to desktop computers, and images require a lot of space in memory. When too many images are loaded into the slideshow at once, it can cause the phone to slow down or even crash.


Another problem is that images can be quite large in file size, which can cause issues for users with slower mobile connections. Large image files can take a long time to load, which can be frustrating for users and may even cause them to leave the website before they have had a chance to see the slideshow.

To avoid these problems, you need to take steps to optimize your slideshow images for mobile devices. This involves reducing the file size of the images so that they load quickly, and limiting the number of images that are loaded at once.

  • Reduce the amount of images in your slideshow: it makes no sense to have more than 20-25 images in your slideshow as most visitors will not wait all of them to show up;) So if you have 100 images in your slideshow, it will load up the operating memory of the phone can make it crash.

  • Optimize images using third party tool like or . Check out our article about optimizing images: How to Optimize Images For The Web

  • Older phones or operating systems ( Ex. iPhone 6, iOS8 and lower), might have trouble coping with large amounts of media, so above tips will help customers with older devices

In conclusion, while slideshow images are a useful feature on modern websites, they can cause problems for mobile users if they are not optimized properly. By taking steps above to optimize image file sizes and limit the number of images, you can create a visually engaging slideshow that is user-friendly and accessible for all visitors and does not crash.

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