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Images are loading too slow
Images are loading too slow

Optimizing images for the internet

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If your images are uploading slowly or your site loads them slowly, check the size of your images.

For faster loading and speed of your website, we recommend optimizing your photos before uploading.

We are not compressing images on our end, so depending on your website visitors' Internet connection speed, they might experience slower loading times with larger images. It makes no real sense to upload images larger than the screen resolution. You can also imagine that a 10MB image will load much slower and not look better than a well-optimized 2MB image.

You can optimize the files already when exporting from photoshop or use online tools such as to optimize files and reduce them up to 90% in size!


Here is a list of top compressing tools you can use free online:

  1. Praised for its ease of use, free online accessibility, and user-friendly interface, utilizes AI technology to resize larger images with a single click while maintaining quality. It doesn't require manual editing and is available for both Android and iOS devices​​.

  2. TinyImage: TinyImage is a free and straightforward tool that can reduce an image's size without losing quality. It supports PNG and JPG/JPEG files, offers bulk image compression, and provides a comparison of the image before and after compression​​.

  3. ImageOptim (for Mac): This tool is known for both its lossy and lossless compression methods. It's user-friendly, allowing drag & drop functionality and the ability to remove metadata. ImageOptim supports JPEG and PNG formats and compresses images for mobile and desktop resolutions​​.

  4. TinyPNG: A popular free web service, TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the number of colors in images, thus decreasing file size. It supports JPEG, WEBP, and PNG formats and allows you to compress up to 20 images at a time​​.

  5. This tool supports lossy, lossless, and expert compression modes for JPEG, PNG, GIF, Animated GIF, and SVG formats. It offers bulk compression, image resizing and optimization, and allows the upload of multiple images either as URLs or in Zip files​​.

These tools offer a range of features suitable for different needs, from simple drag-and-drop operations to more advanced options like bulk compression and format-specific optimizations.

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