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A widget page is like a versatile canvas where you can easily add various tools and features to your website. It's a special page that allows you to embed tools using code or HTML. Think of it as a playground where you can place helpful elements like a blog, calendar, newsletter form, or other tools that enhance the functionality and interactivity of your website.

With a widget page, you don't need to be a coding wizard to add these tools. You can simply copy and paste the provided code or HTML snippet into the widget page, and voila! The tool will seamlessly appear and function on your website. It's a user-friendly way to customize your site and provide valuable features without having to delve into complex technical details.

So, consider a widget page as your creative space to easily incorporate useful tools into your website, empowering you to engage with your visitors and enhance their overall experience.

You can also add feeds from Soundcloud or Calendly. Watch our YouTube channel to find out more about integrations here.

Example adding social media feeds like instagram:

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