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No SSL , Website not secure warning
No SSL , Website not secure warning

SSL seems not to work

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Free Vsble Subdomain:

Your free domain shows without SSL? Check the following:

Do you enter the domain with "www" or without? The "www" prefix is typically used to indicate the main website or the root domain of a website, such as "". Subdomains, on the other hand, are like separate sections or subdivisions of a website and are represented by a prefix before the root domain, like "" or "".

The reason "www" does not work on subdomains is that it is a convention specific to the root domain. When you set up a subdomain, it functions as a separate entity and may not be configured to recognize or respond to the "www" prefix. So, if you try to access a subdomain with "www" in front of it, it won't work because that particular subdomain is not designed to use the "www" prefix.

There fore your vsble subdomain is always straight https// And if you enter a "www" before it result in non existing SSL-Certificate.

Custom Connected Domain:

Your domain doesn't connect or shows no SSL? Check the following:

  • Both A-records for the root domain ( without "www") and the subdomain "www." Make sure to have both; only one will not work.

  • Some providers use "@" or "*" or ask to leave the space empty for the root A - record; please check with your provider what kind of character they use.

  • Make sure you have not AAAA records for the domain, as that will override the A-Records that connect you to Vsble.

  • Make sure you have not other A records pointing to different IPs, as that will mess up the mapping. You can only map a domain to ONE IP-Address, not several (A rope has also only two ends)

  • Have you entered the domain in your Vsble Account in the custom domain field? If the connection does not work immediately, it can take up to 48 hours: this depends on your domain provider, how fast they update the DNS records.

If you still experience problems mapping your custom domain, we can connect it for you for a small one-time fee.

Please contact the support for assistance in that case.

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