Creating an imprint page
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Germany, along with several European Union nations, requires that commercial websites have an imprint (also known as impressum), which is a page displaying essential business details. This guide will assist you in creating an imprint page and outline the necessary information to include.

Please note that this guide is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. As stated in our Terms of Service, Vsble does not offer legal guidance or recommendations concerning laws relevant to your website or business. For specific legal inquiries, it is advisable to seek advice from a legal professional.

To Create a Contact Page

  1. Click on "+" icon from the page creation menu - in the header or footer section.

  2. Select Contact page or Text Page to create a contact, you can also Widget page type to embed contact form from third party tools. (learn more here)

  3. Save.

To create an imprint page

  1. Click on "+" icon from the page creation menu - in the header or footer section

  2. Select "text page"

  3. Click on the text page to edit and add content.

Contents for the Imprint Page:

The imprint page should invariably include:

- Business name

- Business address

- Email address

- Phone number

Additionally, include the following if applicable to your business:

- The supervisory authority's name for licensed businesses

- License or trade registry numbers

- For legal entities, state the legal form and authorized representative(s)

- VAT number

- Company registration number or equivalent

- Membership details of professional bodies

- Names of the company’s directors

Imprint generators

There are many free and paid tools to generate imprint text. You can check out following links to create a free imprint text, then copy it to your imprint page on your website:

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