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Verify your site with Google Search Console
Verify your site with Google Search Console
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To use Google Search Console, you need first to verify your domain or website ownership. What is the console for? Search Console is a free service from Google that lets you monitor and manage your website's presence in Google search results and fix any errors. You don't need to register for Search Console to have your website included in Google search results. However, you can use Search Console to better understand how your website is seen by Google and optimize it if necessary in particular:

  • Ensure Google can find and crawl your site.

  • Fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content

  • Submit new content for crawling and remove content you don't want to be shown in search results.

  • Retrieve Google search query data for your site to see how often your site appears in Google searches, what searches lead to your site, click-through rate, etc.

  • Receive notifications when Google finds indexing errors, spam or other problems on your website

  • See which pages are linking to your website

  1. First sign up with your gmail account to use the console: .

Watch the video how to verify your website quickly with Google:

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